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Transformer installation and commissioning for industrial and domestic purposes, EA Tech Corporation is the Transformer installation services provider. We also work on mccp and pump monitoring system. For more information... Read More

IoT based home automation device for your Home

EA Tech Corporation manufactures a wide range of IoT based home automation devices in Odisha, We make your life easy with smart IoT devices. We also provides GPS tracking system,water... Read More

Water chlorination treatment for industrial and domestic

EA Tech Corporation best at water treatment management, our services offer water chlorination treatment for disinfection of drinking water and swimming pool water. We also provide IRP &RO installation at... Read More

MCCP panel installation services in Odisha, MCCP manufacturer Odisha

EA Tech corporation is the leading MCCP panel manufactures in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. We offer complete installation and maintenance service for commercial and industrial buildings. . more detail on MMC panel... Read More