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Brazil's automotive industry has become the most significant market globally, and tire is the circular vehicle component in Brazil automotive market. Since the tire is manufactured from rubber, it also... Read More

Globally, lung cancer occurs when cells divide in the lungs uncontrollably—further causing tumours to grow, which reduces a person's ability to breathe and spread to other parts of the body.... Read More

Proton therapy is a type of radiation called proton beam radiation therapy it is safer and more effective than conventional radiation therapy for adults with advanced stages cancer. Since, conventional... Read More

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2018, preterm births were very high; it has been reported that 15 Million babies are born preterm every year, and this number... Read More

Notwithstanding, increasing awareness among the general population regarding the prevention, care, and treatment of cervical cancer, rise in certain behaviors, such as smoking, certain genetic factors, and weak immune system... Read More

Endoscopy is the infusion of a long, thin tube straight into the body. In the United States, Endoscopy is widely adopted to observe an internal organ or tissue in detail.... Read More