Can a woman get pregnant after menopause?

Pregnancy and motherhood are beautiful journeys in a woman’s life. But it is best to plan and go the family way before menopause sets in a little after you hit 40. These days menopause sets in as early as late 20’s and early 30’s as well. Once menopause is confirmed, women cannot conceive a child naturally. But technology has instilled new ways of conception making it possible for a post-menopausal woman to conceive as well.
Conceiving a baby may not be a hassle so long as ovulation cycles are regular, and ovaries are healthy and functioning properly during your fertile years. And, if you have not undergone a surgical process to remove the uterus or ovaries, women can naturally conceive until menopause.
Pregnancy is possible in a natural manner even during perimenopause when the period cycles are irregular and uncertain. However, it is rare and may or may not be a healthy pregnancy. The onset of pregnancy during perimenopause may be slightly confusing or difficult to get by but, pregnancy is feasible. Some of the signs of pregnancy and perimenopause are similar but the reasons for the same are different. Therefore, health supplements like Femarelle tablets that are taken for menopause treatment to alleviate the symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, etc., are not advisable for use during pregnancy, or breastfeeding phase.
After you reach menopause, ovulation would have completely stopped and dropped hormonal levels will never reach the required levels to get pregnant after a year of not having menstruation. This marks the end of the reproduction cycle and women cannot naturally become pregnant.
Advance technology over years now makes pregnancy possible after menopause through In vitro fertilization (IVF). Women’s bodies may have stopped producing eggs but if they had frozen their eggs or have donor eggs they can get pregnant through IVF although it may or may not be a complicated process.

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