Outlook is primarily an email service provider, so it does not have the capability to send emails directly to a phone number. However, you can send emails to email addresses associated with mobile phone providers that support email-to-SMS conversion. In such cases, the email is converted into a text message and delivered to the recipient's phone number.

To send an email to a phone number:

1. Open your Outlook email client or log in to your Outlook email account via a web browser.
2. Compose a new email message.
3. In the recipient field, enter the email address associated with the recipient's phone number. This email address is typically provided by the mobile phone provider and is in a specific format (e.g., 1234567890@provider.com).
4. Write your message as you would for any other email.
5. Send the email.
6. The recipient should receive the email on their phone as a text message.

Keep in mind that not all mobile phone providers support email-to-SMS conversion, so it's essential to verify with the recipient's provider beforehand. Additionally, standard messaging rates may apply for the recipient.