Home Textile Manufacturers in Pakistan

Adeel Cloth Ind. is a supplier for Home Textile Items all over the world. We have customers who can place orders from any part of the world. Our high quality Products have brought in repeated customers. We offer a huge variety of Kitchen Linen, Table Linen & Textile Made ups with the latest trends in mind and finest quality.
Our Services
We are the renowned and experienced textile manufacturing from Pakistan, while maintaining a positive attitude and improved business opportunities for our Customers. We believe in offering a total solution that’s why our service areas encompass all the routine procedures that are required in this process.
Our Team
Our Staff always communicates their ideas clearly and concisely. They organize and Explains even very complex topics in easy-to-understand terms. Our team demonstrates excellent listening skills which make others feel very Comfortable in discussions by listening carefully and showing sensitivity to their points of view.

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