How has Locobuzz Evolved Over The Years on Sentiment Analysis & AI?

The Master Plan

AI is the future, Everyone knows that but few have the courage to invest in R&D, have the patience to endure the setbacks and trust in the team’s work. Our aim was to give the best AI’s to our clients, exceeding their expectations, ease their life, and push the boundary of social media AI. Like all great plans have humble beginnings, our journey of AI at Locobuzz started with Sentiment Analysis.

Data is the New Gold

To train an AI, immense amounts of data is required. We call it Dataset. We initially started with a 7,000 dataset, trained the sentiment AI and our accuracy was 63.2%. It was quite apparent that more data was required. So we search externally and internally for quality data. Locobuzz has a well managed Terabyte scaled database. Using this we were able to accumulate a large dataset but that was not enough. We needed variety hence we went to the internet, salvaged every bit of data we can get our hands on. Through all the hardships, we were able to accumulate a 9.3 Million dataset, spread across 38 Global Languages.

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