how safe is online shopping right now?

How Safe is Online Shopping?

Since 2020, the world has changed a lot. A small virus has completely overturned the way people live. Many places are observing lockdowns while some are facing partial lockdowns. There have been various restrictions on operations of the retail outlets, stores, etc. Thus, those people who were previously reluctant to shop online are slowly turning to online shopping. Online shopping has thus become a safe option concerning our health. That being said, some shoppers are still hesitant about online shopping. The major factor for this is the risks associated with cybercrimes like scammy websites, hacking, malware, frauds, etc. Let’s understand them in some detail first.
Fake websites: There are several fake websites out there that trick online buyers. These websites seem like genuine and legal online stores. Some even imitate the names of legitimate sites with slight name changes. These websites offer irresistible offers and scam people to make purchases from their websites. In reality, the website is fake and there are no products. they simply scam buyers of their money.
While fake websites are increasingly becoming a concern for online shoppers. Being aware is important. First of all, shoppers should remember that there is nothing like ‘a free meal’. If some websites offer offers that are too good, they are most probably fake. Also, when first time buying from a particular website, it’s better to choose the Cash On Delivery payment option.
Advertisement Malware: While shopping or even surfing online stores, shoppers often come across a bombardment of advertisements. Be aware that some of them are not genuine, but rather are malware that has hit the online stores. Thus, if online buyers click on these ads, they are redirected to enter their personal information and thus scammers get all the buyer's personal data.
Advertisement malware is even hitting some of the well secure online store.

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