How to fix Linksys Setup error on Linksys Router

Getting Linksys Setup error on Linksys router and can’t configure unable to install Linksys Router follow these steps :
First : What is a Linksys router's default IP address
All Linksys routers have an information label attached to the case – it can be on the side or on the bottom, depending on the model – and, unlike some other routers, you can acquire specific information, such as the default IP address, the hardware version, and so on.
The label on a Linksys router will simply have the Serial Number, the MAC Address, the WPS PIN, and the SSID username and password, as well as some setup instructions.
Second : What happens if I misplace my password
After configuring the SSIDs, you'll be asked to "Create a router password" and "Add a password hint" to gain access to the Linksys UI during the initial configuration process (Smart Wi-Fi Setup). Resetting the router is your only choice if you forget this password and the suggestion doesn't help you remember it.

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