ISO 17025 Certification Procedure in Indonesia

ISO 17025 certification demonstrates that it has a workable quality management system in place as well as the capacity and expertise to deliver test and calibration findings.ISO 17025 Certification in indonesia The laboratory's quality management system and technical proficiency are carefully assessed by a third party to receive ISO 17025 certification.In order to keep certification, audits are performed frequently.Only an certified authority with authorization may grant ISO certification.When a laboratory certified, it indicates that it has complied with the management and technical requirements of and has been found to be technically capable of producing calibration and testing finding a laboratory can demonstrate that it has a functional quality management system and that it is qualified to deliver test and calibration findings.The findings of tests conducted by certified labs are accepted by many governmental and regulatory entities.The tests are conducted in accordance with international standards.According to the agreement between certification bodies, the calibration results of certified members would be accepted as if they had performed the calibration themselves, and their test results would fulfil the same minimal quality requirement regardless of the certification body.