Kemry manufactures variety of Luster Dust for your Confections

Kemry is your premium choice for giving your confectionery an extraordinary look with their metallic luster dust. The most effective method to use Luster Dust although applying Luster Dust is a simple process, there are a few hints and tips for getting the best results. Visit our website:

How to use Kemry's Luster Dust to decorate your desserts is explained in detail here:

Preparation: Ensure that your fondant or icing is dry and your baked goods are cool. The Kemry’s Luster Dust will adhere more effectively to the surface as a result of this.
Brushing: Use a gentle brush for intricate work. Dunk the brush into the Kemry’s Luster Dust and tap off any abundance powder. Delicately brush the pearl dust onto the outer layer of your confectioneries. For a more variety, apply numerous layers, permitting each layer to dry prior to adding the following.
Mixing with Liquid: Kemry’s Luster Dust can be combined with a few drops of clear liquid (like vodka) or lemon extract to produce a consistency similar to paint.
Airbrushing: You can use an airbrush to get an even, perfect application. To make a thin liquid that can be sprayed, combine the Luster Dust and a small amount of liquid. Empty this blend into your artificially glamorised and apply it to your treats. Covering large areas and creating gradient effects are easy with this method.
Storage: Keep Kemry’s Luster Dust somewhere cool and dry. The powder will not be affected by moisture if the containers are tightly sealed.
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