Masters Degree in Banking and Insurance | TAU Zambia

The Masters of Science in Banking and Insurance is a specialized dual postgraduate degree program that opens you to the quantitative approaches and analytical and technical aspects of banking and insurance. MSc in Finance and Insurance study from texila zambia covers different elements of the finance, banking, and insurance markets and methodically exposes you to researching and analyzing international economic trends, investments, assets, financial markets, stocks, shares, liabilities, etc.

Following the 2007-2009 global financial crisis, professionals with advanced industry knowledge and mastery in the areas of finance, banking, and insurance are in high demand. TAUs MS in Banking and Insurance is ideal for aspiring private advisers and financial analysts working in banking, finance, financial services, investment banking, insurance, and other related areas.

Customer preferences have evolved over the decade with increasing demands and expectations of exceptional experiences at all touchpoints of various financial products. Our Postgraduate degree in Banking and Insurance equips banking professionals with the necessary skills to help them ride the wave of change and have a rewarding career in the banking and insurance sector or progress to specialize further in this critical field.