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Just try asking if the EVA is a mecha; you will get a variety of responses. Fans are divided on whether they could call the EVA unit a mecha or not. I had my fair share of disagreements when I first wrote an article about these fleshy monsters. I did give the EVA unit a beating when I said it was highly impractical in real life. I angered some fans. Some fans out there claimed that the unit is not even a giant robot at all.

They do have a valid point, which will be discussed later on. I've also heard some fans argue that despite being fleshy, the EVA units are still mecha (just a different breed). Nevertheless, I will dig through the deepest bowels of the internet to check for solid answers, just to be fair to anyone on the either side of the argument. I came up with a pretty interesting conclusion, which you will find near the end of the article. Now, if you’re the type of person that hates long reads, you might skip the rest here and head straight to section on some official statements. I hope that this article will answer whatever is hounding the fans about the nature of the EVA unit. And looking back at my experiences with anime fans, I also expect several hostile reactions. Now enough of this intro. Let’s get going!

Why the EVA Unit Cannot Be Considered a Mecha
The EVA Unit-01 without the armor.

To begin my research, I tried rummaging through the comment sections of my previous articles. I also went through many anime fan forums around the net. Reddit did provide a good place to search. I found an interesting forum saying that the EVA is not mecha. It’s just a monster in electronic armor. Then there was another saying that it is a biomech, therefore disqualifying the EVA as a giant mecha. Some agree that it might be a cyborg, or a clone of some space alien. Nevertheless, after getting past several rude comments that call others ignorant, or that they knew nothing, I managed to sum up why some fans thought that EVAs are not mecha:

As previously mentioned, EV

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