SMOAD Networks Solutions for Education

SMOAD is a software-defined network solution that helps organizations build high performance networks that are highly available, reliable, secure, scalable and enhancing the performance of organizations.

The versatility in the educational sector knows no bounds. With homework being sent by emails and carrying out PTA meetings over video conferencing, technology has efficiently made life easier and smarter. If recent times have been a proof of anything, it is that staying connected to the educational institutions and their faculty from anywhere is an absolute necessity.

However, there are challenges.

Learning from home, for instance, has encountered a particular set of hurdles such as frequent drops in network signal strength, inability to use multiple applications (the hungry ones such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or GMail) at the same time, and of course sharing the network bandwidth with the rest of the family. Sharing the internet was always a stretch at home, wasn’t it?

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