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"We all have good and bad habits. Some are simple, like biting your nails or forgetting someone’s name, while others can be more harmful, like smoking cigarettes or drinking too... Read More

"Matter Matters" is a comprehensive overview of one of the world's oldest religious movements, Paganism. It explores the common practices, traditions, and core beliefs of this earth-centric form of spirituality,... Read More

Misconceptions about hypnosis have come around recently. As a subject of intrigue and mystery, it’s often portrayed in popular media as a mystical and mind-controlling practice. However, many misconceptions surround... Read More

"A sixteenth-century prophet from Salon France, wrote that he had published one thousand prophecies that describe hundreds of years of history, decades, and centuries before their fantastic fulfillment. Reincarnation is... Read More

In a sometimes dog eat dog world (or in this case, fish eat fish), this two-stories-for-one book is designed as an interactive tale to be read with and to the... Read More