Taliban To Mandate Online Classes For Girls: Bans Education For Women And girls

In the wake of Taliban restrictions. Afghan women resort to online education. Switching from the usual learning styles to technology-based instruction will certainly encounter many problems. The problem connected to internet problems is that so many Afghan women cannot utilize the online learning facility.
Lacking of technology and internet interaction intensifies educational injustice. Online platforms emerge as the basic infrastructure for education for women in Afghanistan who are seeking for it.
Challenges of Online Education
Unstable internet supply still stands as the major spoiler in providing Afghan women with equal involvement.
A deficiency of computers exacerbates the challenges of computer-mediated learning. The absence of certifying options renews boys' effort while girls pursuing online education. The online environment is not the same as the conventional school, and even though the former possesses much value it can't completely)
substitute the lalter. Educational gaps still exist, especially in the case of poor girls who hardly have any resources in the scantly populated areas which are far away.
Impact on Motivation and Mental Health
If not treated properly, cyberbullying can take a toll on leenagers' motivation and mental health. Shortage of accreditation and tomorrow's prospects deprives women learners of the purpose and sense of direction.read more-https://luminarytimes.com/taliban-to-mandate-online-classes-for-girls-bans-education-for-women-and-girls/