Talking to Your Child Helps Expand Vocabulary By Jo Ann Gramlich

Words are important to the imagination and words express feelings, thoughts, ideas, and information. With this in mind, it is necessary to promote the growth of children’s vocabulary in order to improve language and reading skills required to excel in school. Adults in a kid’s life have a big part to play in making a child understand new vocabulary. Through day-to-day interactions and experiences, parents can use new words to help broaden their child’s language. In addition, the variety and amount of words an infant, toddler, and preschooler are exposed to by his or her parents or caregivers is closely linked to the extent of the child’s vocabulary.

All parents want their children to perform better in school and learn. One way to facilitate your child’s ability to comprehend what they are reading is to help them develop their vocabulary. The more vocabulary a child uses, the more they will be able to grasp what they’re listening to in and out of school. Asking kids questions and talking about words and their meanings during daily routines and interactions is a simple way to increase and enhance your child’s language skills.

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