The Art of Writing Action Scenes in a Novel

When people read a novel, they always find a reason to keep turning the pages. They look for something interesting about the story, so they can decide whether or not the novel is worth their time. To capture the interest of the readers and draw them further into a novel, authors use various literary devices such as narrative hooks and plot twists. These devices prevent a story from being monotonous and dull. Action scenes are another way to spice up a novel. Action scenes are often full of intensity and vivid descriptions that stimulate the imagination of the readers.

The Jungle Rules Trilogy is a series of thriller books that can best demonstrate the purpose of action scenes in a novel. The series contains a lot of riveting action scenes described vividly to keep the readers alive and on the hook. The creative and literary quality of the action scenes in the Jungle Rules Trilogy is no longer quite surprising, given the fact that its author, Paul Shemella, has vast knowledge and enormous experience in real-life action scenes as a retired captain of the U.S. Navy.

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