The Significance of the Scriptures in People’s Lives

The Bible was written and compiled thousands of years ago. It’s purported to narrate the history of the world from the earliest creations to the spread of Christianity. However, just as how any newspaper printed even only a month ago already becomes irrelevant to society today, does the Bible still have relevance in today’s life?
They say that as long as people live, God is shaping and preparing them to play their unique role in the world. Everyone has a destiny that aims to bring glory to God – a purpose that He has allotted specifically for them. And in order to understand this unique destiny, people must start with understanding what the Bible has to say. Understanding His scriptures helps one understand the very reason of their existence. These writings perfectly define one’s purpose according to God’s plan thus helping them live their lives accordingly. Besides capturing people’s purposes, the Bible also plays other significant roles in people’s lives.