Bhaskar Sakthi owns Alaghar Sami's Khovar directed by Suchindran. Basically a writer, he played a doctor in Bharat M Magan. He wrote story for M Magan, Vanilla Kabadi Team, Pandiya Nadu, Naan Mahaan Alla. He had written the story for Alaghar Sami's film Khoor. Now he is making his directorial debut with Vadakan. Produced by Discovery Cinemas, the film stars Kunkumaraj Muthuswamy, Vairamala, Ramesh Vaidya, Pindu and Vandana.Theni Eshwar has done the cinematography for this film composed by famous music composer SJ Janani from Karnataka. Director Lingusamy's Tirupati Brothers has acquired the theatrical release rights of Vadakan. The teaser of the film was released last April and created a lot of controversy. In the teaser, the hero is seen falling in love with a North Nadu laborer and feels that his work is being affected by him. And "No matter where we look, northerners are coming to work. All northerners should be beaten. Not a single person should be in our village. A great controversy was caused by the verses saying, "If a person who comes from a foreign country does not eat the vada here, will you put baelpuri and panipuri for him?"