What is Guide Bush in Injection Mold?

What is Guide Bush in Injection Mold?
What is guide bush?
Guide Bush is used in conjunction with the guide pin, play a guiding role. Generally, the clearance is very small, within 0.05mm. The guide pin and guide bush are injection mold components generally used in injection molds or some machinery to ensure the accuracy of movement.
Guide bush function
The guide bush in the injection mold plays an extremely important role in modern parts processing and is also one of the most important parts of the current injection mold production process. Its good characteristics have been widely used in many industries such as machinery and automobile manufacturing. So what is the role of leadership in the injection mold production process?
The guide bushing in the injection mold's function is to guide. The role of the guide device of the injection mold is to guide the upper mold and the lower mold to match in the correct position.
The most common guide device is the guide bushing and guide pin. In addition, a large injection mold may be equipped with a guide plate, and a micro die may be provided with a guide tube, which has the same function as the guide bushing and guide sleeve pin.
Guide bush material
The material of the guide bushing is generally selected from bearing steel, hot work dies steel, easy cut iron, etc., and largely use of bearing steel SUJ2 material, which greatly enhances the durability and interchangeability of the guide bushing in terms of guiding performance.
Guide bushing and its components constitute the outer guide bushing component and the inner guide bushing component, which have a beautiful metallic luster.
The roundness of the guide bushing has very high requirements. The center hole is mainly used to grind the outer diameter with a cylindrical grinder, when using a cylindrical grinder to grind the outer diameter, the center hole must be held against the center hole to rotate the guide bushing grind.

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