Why Is It Important To Listen To Branded Communities In The Age Of COVID?

Communities are places that showcase what people have on their minds, versus what they have in their shopping carts.

Allow me to illustrate with an example of Korean Skincare: A 2019 Flipkart (India) study stated that the most popular K-beauty brands amongst Indian women were Innisfree and The Face Shop. Well, that is true. What is also true, however, is that India’s biggest beauty blogging community, IMBB (Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog) has a large number of UGC bloggers vouching for other little-known brands like CosRX (and many others), as one of the highest recommended K-skin brands in India. The supply chain of this segment reveals a total number of 1 Lakh vendors in the country, especially and surprisingly, in non-metro cities like Sikkim and Nagaland, where dealership is highest. This goes to show, that there have been experts, enthusiasts, vendors, customers (and thereby – communities) who have been talking about K-beauty brands in India for long enough to be a part of their daily lives.

Hence, why do branded communities matter? Because they are places where people come together and unfold and exchange of culture, through various propagators like branded products or content. Branded communities are the hotbed of customers who voice their mind and construct decisive choices based on shared input, opinions and knowledge sharing.

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