Carpet Area, Built-Up Area, and Super Builtup Area:

When buying a home in real estate, you usually pay for the number of square feet it will occupy. Understanding the differences between the various types of area measurements is essential for both the buyer and the seller.
Generally, carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area are three measurements that are very important. Among them, the carpet area is the most important as it directly reflects the usable space of the occupants.
What Is Carpet Area?
A carpet area is the net usable area or carpeted area of a living space such as a flat or apartment. It also refers to the actual usable space in the property excluding the thickness of the walls. It is used to define the distance between interior walls. These include interior walls such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, balconies and indoor stairs, etc. Excludes external walls such as corridors, terraces, lifts, and utility pipes.