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Atomberg's 1200mm Renesa Smart+ Ceiling Fan in Earth Brown, Golden Oakwood, and more 3 blades, 360 RPM, and energy-efficient 28W power Smart Ceiling Fan for modern living Enjoy peace of mind with a... Read More

Atomberg's 1200mm Studio+ Ceiling Fan in Brown, Sand Grey, White 3 blades, 370 RPM, and energy-efficient 32W power 3 fan speed steps for customizable comfort Air Delivery: 240 m³/min for efficient cooling Enjoy peace... Read More

Atomberg's Renesa+ Ceiling Fan available in 900mm/1200mm/1400mm Stylish colors: Aegean Blue, Earth Brown, Golden Oakwood, and more METAL FINISH for a touch of elegance 3 Metallic blades, 310 rpm, and 75W power for... Read More

Atomberg's 1200mm Renesa Ceiling Fan in various hues 3 Aluminium blades, 340 rpm, and energy-efficient 28W power Glossy Finish for a modern touch Powerful air delivery: 8122 cfm Enjoy an extended 2+1 year on-site... Read More

Atomberg's 1200mm Erica Ceiling Fan in Lotus Pink and White 3 Aluminium blades, 310 rpm, and energy-efficient 35W power Matte Finish for a touch of sophistication 3 fan speed steps for customizable comfort Enjoy... Read More

Energy-efficient BLDC motor, 320 RPM, and 32W power consumption 1200mm blade sweep for optimal air circulation, 8299 cfm airflow 5-speed settings for customizable comfort Aluminium material with a wood finish, easy to clean Inverter... Read More

Atomberg's 1200mm Ikano Ceiling Fan in Black, Brown, Ivory, White 3 blades, 365 rpm, and energy-efficient 28W power Remote control for convenient operation Corded Electric power source ensures reliable performance Enjoy peace of mind... Read More

Atomberg's 1200mm Efficio Ceiling Fan in Ivory, Matt Black, Matt Brown, White 3 blades, 310 rpm, and 75W power for optimal performance Induction AC Motor ensures reliable and efficient operation 3 fan speed... Read More

Usha Daffodil Ceiling Fan 1250mm – Stylish METAL FINISH

Usha Daffodil Ceiling Fan in 1250mm size with a sleek METAL FINISH Choose from Golden And Brown, Grey And Black, Red And Black, White colors 3 blades, 380 rpm, and 85W power... Read More

Usha Bellflower Ceiling Fan – 1300mm, Sparkling Colors

Elevate your space with the Usha Bellflower Ceiling Fan Available in Sparkle Black And Maroon, Sparkle Brown And Gold, Sparkle White, And Silver Oil Rubbed finish for a touch of elegance 3 blades,... Read More