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The study of marketing is an immersive journey that goes beyond surface-level advertising and sales. It involves a deep understanding of the market dynamics and customer behavior, fostering strategic, critical,... Read More

Human Resources Management | Alfaisal University

Human Resource Management (HRM or HR) is a dynamic and strategic approach to managing the invaluable human capital within a business or organization. Recognizing that people are the driving force... Read More

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In recognition of the evolving demands of both local and global markets, the program has been meticulously crafted through a collaborative effort between Alfaisal University and esteemed international academic partners.... Read More

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The College of Business at Alfaisal University offers a captivating array of academic programs designed to ignite your passion for business and equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary... Read More

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At Alfaisal University, we embrace the rich heritage and diverse traditions of Saudi Arabia while nurturing a global perspective. Our vibrant campus community brings together students from all corners of... Read More

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Alfaisal University offers a truly personalized educational experience, specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of students in the fields of business, finance, and other innovative disciplines. Through our carefully... Read More

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Graduate program | Alfaisal University

The MBA program at Alfaisal University College of Business equips graduates with a powerful combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, empowering them to seize professional opportunities and navigate complex... Read More

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At Alfaisal University, our primary goal is to drive the development of comprehensive and all-encompassing undergraduate programs that propel our society towards its full potential. We are committed to offering... Read More

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Since its establishment in 2002, Alfaisal University has served as a beacon of academic excellence, bringing together passionate students and enlightened minds in pursuit of knowledge and innovation. As a... Read More